April 11, 2021

How to Identify Legitimate or Fake Psychics & Mediums

A psychic is able to hear or read messages that come from beyond. The messages are usually of no significance for the person who is psychic. In a reading with a psychic mediums from psychics will be asked questions and get to know the person better prior to making the decision to read the messages. The message may not be as significant as the interpretation depending on the specific circumstances of the client.

The ability to discern the paranormal is an ability of the sixth sense. In a free psychic reading the psychic will be able to connect to your aura before delivering messages. It’s perfectly normal to feel stressed about this and psychics are aware of this as well, which is why readings typically begin with a brief chat to help ease your anxiety and prepare you for.

Now, when you think about cheap psychics, you normally associate this activity with one-eyed old gypsy ladies providing readings in a dodgy and dark environment. This is the type of perception you get from movies, but also from old stories – such things were actually real back in the day. Obviously, not everyone providing free psychic reading is a professional, so you need to do your homework.


What to know before a phone psychic reading or a chat psychic reading


You do not necessarily have to be face to face with a psychic to get a free psychic reading out there. In fact, you might as well reach to online psychics and get an online reading or perhaps one over the phone. The distance is irrelevant because a good psychic reader can tap in your aura just by getting in touch with you – simple as that.


Now, there are also many unscrupulous individuals providing their services over the phone or online. You might have seen ads over the Internet or perhaps in local newspapers. Some of them may even advertise on TV – usually on teleshopping programs. They may advertise over the radio as well – their options are unlimited.


The truth is these are nothing but random businesses. Simply research the advisor’s name over the Internet and you will find no reviews whatsoever. If you do find anything, they are usually negative. This is because good psychics will never come up with such advertising. Such roles are normally taken at a low pay rate by housewives, actors or college students.


Such employees are normally hired by psychic companies. They know they have literally no skills. But then, they have the talk. They can talk people into revealing details and providing details based on their intuition. Some clients figure it out and hang up quickly, but it is a bit too late. These services are available for expensive rates per minute.


If you do find phone psychic reading online to be more comfortable than a face to face one, simply check the company reviews and the psychic’s ratings. The experience can be quite frustrating if you fail to get anywhere – you are on the other end of the line and there is nothing you can do. Unable to find anything online? Find another psychic.


Furthermore, it is worth noting that there are a few reputable portals out there that assess psychics before allowing them to share their services online. Plus, each psychic is rated by previous clients. You can read reviews and personal opinions regarding such experiences, so you know for a fact that you can leave yourself in good hands. The same goes for a free psychic reading online.


Deciding to get a cheap psychic reading face to face


While real psychics can tap into your aura regardless of the location, some people feel anxious about it. They believe a face-to-face meeting will provide the best possible experience. Therefore, they believe the best psychic reading can only be achieved face to face – while not true, there is nothing wrong with their beliefs. They simply feel more comfortable this way.


There are, of course, a few things you need to double-check before booking psychic readings. Where does the psychic live? Is it a decent area or neighborhood? If you need to travel to a rough or dodgy area, you might need to reconsider your options – is this psychic actually able to advise clients in an accurate manner?


From some points of view, psychics are like doctors. They cannot treat themselves – it simply does not work. With all these, they do need to boost a pretty decent success rate with their careers. People should return every now and then or refer their friends. A good psychic should have a good reputation and an ongoing flow of clients.


What does that mean? The income should be steady and decent. In other words, a good psychic will be able to afford to live or run an office in a decent area. Sure, not every psychic will live in a mansion – probably the famous psychics only. But then, a modest home in a rough neighborhood underlines the fact that your chosen psychic may have no clue what they are doing.


Then, whether you choose to see free psychic mediums face to face, a phone psychic reading or a psychic chat, it pays off double-checking the advisor’s claims. You will normally find such claims in the ad. If you go for a psychic reading online, the psychic’s profile will give you all the details you need about their abilities.


If a psychic claims to contact the dead, you might be in the wrong place. Many mediums will try that. Some of them will succeed. But it will not always work. It is not a fully 100% thing. Spirits return and communicate if they want to and only when they want to. It is not up to the psychic, so it is not a guarantee.


On the same note, a psychic offering 100% accuracy is likely to lie to you. No one can tell precisely what the future has in store for you. There are too many things that can change every second. Any decision you make can change that. The same goes for those promising to remove curses – your destiny is not written in the stars and curses do not really exist.


Plus, you will never get a psychic to be able to arrange a love match. There is literally no power at all over the human will.


Do’s and don’ts when about to get a premium or free psychic reading


Do your homework and research a psychic. If you want an independent psychic, simply look for reviews over the Internet. If you get to one of those platforms gathering psychics together, simply check other clients’ ratings and reviews.


Do compare psychics before making a final decision. Make sure you find one with the right speciality and avoid those who promise you the world.


Do make sure that you hide your emotions. Practice your poker face and try not to reveal any details through your appearance. Avoid exaggerated reactions too.


Do discuss with a doctor if some of the problems you deal with are similar to depression. Sometimes, free psychics may not be able to guide you accordingly – psychics are not doctors.


Do not let yourself be convinced to buy random things. You are there for a reading and not for a shopping experience. Supplemental stuff like talismans, medals or candles should not be sold in a psychic’s office – it is a bad sign.


Do not pay a fortune for a psychic’s services. More importantly, do not be like some people who lose their life savings trying to break a curse or find the love of their lives – it is not going to happen.


Do not provide details about yourself without being asked first. A good psychic will need to know you in order to interpret messages accordingly, but this is not everything. Let them do all the talking.




As a short final conclusion, it makes no difference if you decide to discuss your issues with free psychic online or you want to see someone face to face. In today’s age of technology, you need to research your options and find out more about this potential experience.


The good news is you can always find some more details about a free psychic reader. If there is nothing about them over the Internet, you simply need another psychic. On the same note, you should find reviews about both independent psychics and those offering their services through different platforms. When going through reviews, make sure they seem authentic.

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