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The IAHR World Congress Page
Welcome to the website of the XXI IAHR World Congress 2015 in Erfurt

 Find here all the latest news and information about the Congress, the university and the hosting city!

IAHR Congress Proceedings

The IAHR Congress Proceedings "Dynamics of Religion: Past and Present", have been published!

The printed version (ISBN 978-3-11-045092-7) contains the papers by our invited speakers.

Additionally, the Open Access publication (ISBN 978-3-11-045110-8) contains all business matters of the IAHR and the abstracts of all papers delivered at the Congress.

The volume was edited by Congress directors Christoph Bochinger and Jörg Rüpke, in cooperation with Elisabeth Begemann and is published by Walter de Gruyter.

Check your National Library catalogue.

Post Congress
Thank You

To all our participants, the speakers, chairs, conveners and guests our thanks for making this Congress a success.

Our heartfelt thanks also goes out to the colleagues serving in the Academic Program Committee, the Advisory Committee and the Organizing Committee for the time and effort they put into developing the program and holding it up to the standards expected of a World Congress of Religious Studies.

And, last, but by no means least, our enormous thanks to our helpers who contributed significantly to guarantee a smooth running of the Congress.

DVRW Biannual Meeting

The DVRW Biannual Conference will take place this year at the Philipps-Universität Marburg. Learn more under dvrw2017.relwiss-marburg.de/

Executive Committee

Meet the current Executive Committee of the IAHR for the 2015-2020 term: www.iahr.dk/committee.php

Future Conferences and Congresses

For future conferences and congresses of the IAHR, please see the official IAHR website.







   Erfurt University

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Thuringia Tourism - holiday (vacation) and travel in Thuringia

The XXI IAHR World Congress cooperates with Thuringia Tourism in booking the Congress and providing accommodation and the Congress tours.

The IAHR 2015 World Congress partners with myclimate to aim at a net zero carbon footprint.