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Your paper or panel at the IAHR Congress
Program Now Available

The final Academic Program of the XXI IAHR World Congress is now available. Go to Academic Program to see when your paper or panel is scheduled. Only participants who were registered until May 15, 2015 were included in the final program. 

Every effort has been made to ensure the stability of the program for the XXI Quinquennial IAHR World Congress, but the organizers cannot guarantee the participation of any listed Person. The organizing committee reserves the right to change the program, speakers or venue, should the need arise. Please note that some sessions may have shifted in time between the preliminary and final programs!  

Please note: in the event a panel was not accepted, individual accepted papers within the panel were automatically considered 'as if' they were individual proposals.

Review Policy

Concerning the review of your submission, please note the following:

  • All reviews are blind reviews. Proposals are evaluated by the quality of the abstracts only.
  • Notifications concerning the status of a panel are sent out to the panel chair as indicated in the submissions form.
  • Rejected individual papers will not be reviewed again.
  • Rejected papers within a larger panel (four papers) will not be reviewed again.
  • Rejected papers within a smaller panel (three papers) may be reviewed again, if the panel itself has been explicitly accepted (to this we might add a fourth individual paper if fitting into the panel outline).
  • Rejected papers within a smaller panel (three papers) may be reviewed again, if two of the three papers have been accepted and the panel would not function otherwise.
  • Accepted papers within a rejected panel will be considered as individual papers.
  • If the panel is generally, but not explicitly accepted, but two out of three or three out of four papers rejected, the accepted and "to be revised" papers will be considered as individual papers.
  • In cases of papers within a panel both marked as "rejected" and "to be revised", the rejected papers may be revised if the panel would otherwise collapse and if the panel itself has been accepted.

We thank you for accepting this guidelines.






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The XXI Quinquennial IAHR World Congress is sponsored by

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Thuringia Tourism - holiday (vacation) and travel in Thuringia

The XXI IAHR World Congress cooperates with Thuringia Tourism in booking the Congress and providing accommodation and the Congress tours.

The IAHR 2015 World Congress partners with myclimate to aim at a net zero carbon footprint.