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 1. What is the most convenient way to get to Erfurt?

The most convenient way to get to Erfurt is to fly in to Frankfurt International (FRA), then take the train from there ("Fernbahnhof") to Erfurt Main Station ("Hauptbahnhof"). It is a two hour train ride via IC/ICE (high speed train). Trains depart directly from the airport every hour.

When booking your flight, be sure to look for Rail+Fly offers, which offer major discounts for train tickets in combination with your air fare.

2. Should I pre-book my train ticket?

Yes, absolutely! The earlier you book your Train fare, the less expensive it is! The best deals are usually on offer ninety days before your travelling date. So be sure to go to the Deutsche Bahn website and book you ticket, the earlier, the better!

3. When will I know when my presentation is scheduled?

The preliminary program is now available. Go to » Academic Program for a program outline.

The final program will be published on our Website towards the end of May, after registration of the speakers is concluded.

Please remember that all speakers must be registered until May 15, 2015 to be included in the final program!

4. Are travel grants available for the Congress?

The XXI IAHR World Congress awarded a number of travel grants to cover travel and accommodation costs. All grants have been awarded. Further applications can, unfortunately, not be accepted.

If you submitted an application and have not yet heard back from us, please check your spam folder. If you cannot find our message to you, please get in touch.

5. Is there any chance that the registration fee can be waived?

No. The registration fee is the primary means of financing the Congress. It can therefore not be waived under any circumstances.

6. Do organizers issue letters of invitation to aid in the visa process?

Yes, we do! Please be sure, however, to ask your embassy exactly what the letter should say and which information is absolutely necessary to be mentioned in the letter, including all the necessary addressses, as due to the large number of participants in the Congress, organizers can only issue one letter per person.

7. What is the registration number of Erfurt University to fill in on my visa application?

Erfurt University is a public institution. As such, it does not have a registration number. When filling out the form on the embassy's website, please name the university as inviting institution and leave the field for registration number and place of registration blank.






   Erfurt University

Thuringia Tourism - holiday (vacation) and travel in Thuringia

The XXI IAHR World Congress cooperates with Thuringia Tourism in booking the Congress and providing accommodation and the Congress tours.

The IAHR 2015 World Congress partners with myclimate to aim at a net zero carbon footprint.