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The Response of Ukrainian Muslims to the Challenges of the Crisis Year 2014

Panel Chair: Sergii Ismagilov | Thursday, August 27, 1:30-3 p.m. | Venue

Events of the year 2014 in Ukraine have issued a set of challenges concerning Muslim organizations and have compelled them to adapt to the life in conditions of occupation, acute substitute of legal framework, ideological and worldview standards, crisis of Ukrainian Muslim discourse after all. Every major Muslim association has been demonstrated peculiar dynamics of the official position either in political angle or in the matters of inter-Muslim and interreligious dialogue establishing during the year 2014. The most significant thing is that armed and political conflict has covered the regions of Ukraine where overwhelming majority of Ukrainian Muslims inhabit. During the workshop we will regard the examples of public position dynamics of different Ukrainian Muslim communities during the year 2014.

Mykhaylo Yakubovych

Ukrainian Muslims after Maidan: Recent Changes and New Developments

A recent history of Islam in Ukraine closely interrelated with the Ukrainian independence, since before the late 80-ss no single communities officially existed in this part of USSR. However, already by 2014 around seven hundreds of registered Islamic communities were gathering Muslims for their common prayers, including Crimea. However, deep political crisis and military conflict of 2014 resulted into appearance of new phenomena in the history of Ukrainian Muslim communities: that is, internal refugees, ethnic and religious persecutions as well as the raise of new Muslim organizations based on political loyalty. Moreover, after Russian annexation of Crimea local Muslims entered into completely other legal and political reality. The same is true about Muslims of the Eastern Ukraine, who, as well as other parts of the local population, continue to suffer from the protracted military conflict. The study shows how Muslim communities answer these challenges.

Ruslan Khalikov

Christian-Muslim dialogue against the background of the war in Ukraine

Communication between Christians and Muslims in the territory of Ukraine has its age-old history, and was staying quite intense during the times of existing of independent Ukrainian State, however it was not a dialogue in its direct meaning - certain local conflicts were sometimes present between Christians and Muslims. At the time of revolutionary events and last conflict that has covered regions of the most concentration of Muslims in Ukraine, Christian-Muslim dialogue has moved to a new level: Ukrainian Christian and Muslim religious organizations have united in a thread which Ukrainian society faced, however relationships in the occupied territories came to the boil as far as there is a necessity to define about existing in a new legal framework and cooperation with the new administration.


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