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Islam and Law

Session Chair: N.N. | Thursday, August 27, 9-11 | Venue

Kumiko Yagi

Decontextualization in Islamic Jurisprudence: the Fatwa in Public Space

Globalization has changed the environment in which Muslims live and has nullified some of the bases of Islamic jurisprudence. Nevertheless, Islamic law remains a crucial component of Islam. What makes it as relevant to people’s lives today as ever? The key to this question is the increasing accessibility of the fatwa, the legal opinion issued by a jurist. A fatwa was originally personal in the sense that it was issued to a recipient as a piece of advice. However, as the educational level of the Muslim public improved and mass media developed, important fatwas were published. Personal information such as the recipient’s name was deleted, and fatwas in public space were no longer personal advice, but became general guidelines open to public discussion. This created a space where ordinary Muslims other than jurists could play an active role and enabled Islamic jurisprudence to become adaptable to changes in society.

Martin Klapetek

Mosque in the European Urban Environment: Center and Periphery

The paper is devoted to the typology of Islamic prayer rooms in contemporary Germany. The text focuses on the reconstruction of former profane spaces into temporary mosques. The interdisciplinary point of view shows mosques as the part of edges of urban space. It also pays attention to the basic possibilities of mosque location, e. g. residential area in the center of the city or industrial zone at the outskirts. The author discusses the importance of non-conflict communication between the religious community and its neighborhood connected with the use of public backyards and exterior decoration of the building entrances.


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