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Contemporary Rituals

Session Chair: Jens Kreinath | Tuesday, August 25, 1:30-3 p.m. | Venue

Toshiaki Kimura

Lost Community and Ritual Revival after Great Tohoku Earthquake

After Great East Japan Earthquake, the local festivals of affected area have attracted wide attention as a clue to recover the local communities. Many NGOs and other organizations have offered material and human support to revive festivals and mass media reported them so frequently than ever before. Theoretically, these positive evaluations for the community festivals are based on the classical optimistic theories about the ritual and social integration. However, these scholars do not pay so much attention to the dynamics when the ideal cosmic order intervenes into our everyday world. In this paper, I try to examine the process of revival of “Oshiokori” festival which is held once in twenty years in a coastal village to show how people of affected area face the gap between their devastated everyday life and ideal order through the festival.

Nao Kaneko

Robe Selling Ritual in the Context of Chan Funeral Rites

Robe Selling Ritual is one of the funeral rites written in Chan/Zen pure rule texts. In the ritual, dead monks' mementoes are put up to auction and bidden by colleague monks. In my paper, I would like to examine the meaning of the ritual and what it generates in monasteries, from the viewpoints of Chan/Zen funeral rites.


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