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Integrating the Material, Bodily, and Sensual into the Study of Religion: a Round-table Discussion of Strategies and Approaches

Panel Chair: Alexandra Grieser | Friday, August 28, 9-11 a.m. | Venue

The scholarly neglect of the material, bodily and sensual aspects of religion, which has been widely critiqued in recent years, has initiated a wide range of responses: problematic terms such as “religious experience” have been revised and set in a new context; concepts such as materiality, mediation, and aesthetics have been developed to reach beyond text hermeneutics; modes of bodily and sensory knowledge have been scrutinized; and, instead of opposing text and body, or matter and mind to each other, the interplay between the sensuous and the semiotic has been moved to the centre of the debate.

In an interactive round-table session, the speakers take stock of the vibrant activities of the last decade by briefly presenting different approaches in the field. They will explore the common ground, fathom the potential of the differences, and outline open questions to map future challenges.

Participants: Birgit Meyer (Utrecht), Robert Yelle (Munich), Anne Koch (Munich), Ann Taves (St. Barbara)


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