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Religion and Media in East Asia: Theories and Concepts

Panel Chairs: Stefania Travagnin, Erica Baffelli | Tuesday, August 25, 1:30-3 p.m.

This roundtable will assess the state of the scholarship in the emerging sub-field of the study of religion and media in East Asia, and contextualize the contribution of this literature to the overall field of religion and media. Through a selection of studies from Japan, Mainland China, Taiwan, Korea, and Tibet, this panel will outline key concepts, theories, and methods that constitute the foundation for research on the theme, address issues such as relations and tension between offline and online religions and religious communities, and media challenges to religious authority. Furthermore it will discuss problems and questions for future investigations. The five speakers (from universities based in Japan, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Australia and United States) have been conducting extensive study on the field and are a representative group of the larger research team “Religion and the Media in East Asia” that is virtually hosted in the Centre for the Study of Religion and Culture in Asia, University of Groningen.

Participants: Erica Baffelli, Paul Farrelly, Stefania Travagnin, John Shultz, Amy Holmes-Tagchungdarpa


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