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Susumu Shimazono | JFSSR sponsored lecture

Friday, August 28, 11:30 a.m. | HS 5
Religion and Public Space in Contemporary Japan: The Reactivation of State Shinto and Buddhism as Public Religion

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Susumu Shimazono

The author will discuss that religious discourses and activities are occupying an increasing part in the public sphere in Japan in the 2010s. On one hand, State Shinto has manifested its presence, and a political movement to further its influence is in place. On the other hand, Buddhist and New Religion organizations in the Buddhist line are inclined to participate in the public sphere presenting their discourses against nationalist tendencies. A conflict in religious discourses is coming to the fore between those advocating nationalism and those for humanity and peace. Relations between religion and nation in the Axial Age Civilizations are not uniform in western, Eastern Christian, Islamic, South Asian, African or East Asian civilizations. In order to have a better understanding of the religious situation of Japan today, the perspective of comparative civilization studies must be mobilized.

Susumo Shimazono's presentation is sponsored by the JFSSR.